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DECEMBER 15, 2005


Former OARS Webmaster Dispels "Fishy" Claim

Former OARS webmaster Dan Mills was the subject of an article in the December 02, 2005 edition of the National Post.

The article describes how Dan, identified as "Toronto forensics specialist" and "former Transport Canada investigator", used "photogrammetric" analyses on a 56-year-old photo of a muskie (muskellunge), reportedly the largest caught ever, at 69 lb.

Dan's findings indicate both the length of the fish and its girth are less than as claimed. As a result, the U.S. National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame is investigating the possibility of fraudulent claim on the record.

Because of this work, Dan has been asked to check out other "fishy" claims.

For details, see the article "CSI Expert Uncovers Muskie Mendacity" by Randy Boswell on p. A16, Dan's investigative reports appear in Click on "Spray Report to the FWFHF" on the left side of the screen.

Dan was OARS webmaster from 2000 - 2003. He is the president of DCM Technical Services Inc. in Toronto. Phone: 416-618-7683. E-mail:


Thanks to John Fischer, President of Mapix for alerting OARS to this item.

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