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Program Coordinator's Report for the 33rd Annual General Meeting

Ian Hale
November 3, 2005

Last Year's Technical Evening Presentations (2004/2005)

We were pleased to be able to present 4 technical events last year.

  1. The guest speaker at the AGM on October 28, 2004 was Richard Mussakowski, Remote Sensing Application Specialist - Science and Information Branch, Inventory Monitoring and Assessment Section, OMNR . He gave an interesting presentation titled A Practical Perspective on Data and Technology Integration in the Mapping and Management of Natural Resources.
  2. On December 13, 2005, OARS, together with the Ontario Prospectors Association presented a Workshop on Applications of Remote Sensing to Mineral Exploration. Norm Trowell and Zoran Madon from OGS developed the technical program, identified speakers, and made the initial contacts, Ian Hale organized the event and acted as Chair, Lawton Tam and Ron Johnson did the room setup and fought fires, and Linda Hellas and Heather Hale assembled the registrant packages, certificates etc. An excellent lunch was served. There were 10 speakers, all with academic and professional backgrounds in both remote sensing and exploration geology. There were 36 paid registrants from industry, government and universities. Thanks to Bill Morris in filling many seats with his grad students. The event generated about $800 in revenue for OARS, which more than offset the seed money that was required to initiate the project.
  3. On June 1, 2005, thanks to Ron Johnson's contacts, OARS was fortunate to have found a speaker with many years of experience in developing and applying remote sensing technologies in the field of Forensic Surveillance and Law Enforcement. Our speaker, Steve Mason is a retired police officer, having served some 25 years with the R.C.M.P., most of it dealing with aerial surveillance in matters of national interest of the highest order. Steve talked about his experiences in terms of the sensors and platforms, analysis methods and, especially, some very interesting and topical case studies in which remote sensing proved effective in "catching the bad guys".
  4. On September 22, 2005, Alex Giannelia and his staff at Airborne Sensing, hosted a technical session in their hangar and offices at the City Centre Airport. The main focus of attention was the new Digital Aerial camera, but the 20-or-so OARS members in attendance were also given an insight into all aspects of flight planning, aerial data acquisition, data processing, and image production. The meeting was followed by a BBQ, capable managed by Sandy and Heather Hale. Thanks to Wendy Dillane for initiating the event, and thanks to Alex and his staff for generously providing their time and facilities.

Thanks to all the members who attended and made the effort worthwhile.

Next Year's Technical Presentations (2005/2006)

We are planning on having Technical events according to the following schedule:

Thursday December 15 2005. Speaker is Don Carswell, President of Optech Incorporated.

Thursday January 26 2006. Speaker is Brian Wannamaker, President of Sea Scan International.

Thursday March 09 2006. Speaker TBA

Thursday April 20 2006. Speaker TBA

Thursday June 01 2006. Speaker TBA

Speakers will tentatively include Mohammed Shokr on data integration in climate studies, a very famous weather forecaster who uses advanced remote sensing techniques (and a little magic) in his forecasts, Don Jarron, Ontario Power Generation, on close-range remote sensing - an application of ultrasound image acquisition and analysis for non-destructive testing of nuclear fuel rods. Brian Wannamaker, Sea Scan International Inc. will be demonstrating some new image management techniques. We will also try to schedule an evening with Bill Morris either in Toronto or Hamilton or somewhere in between.

Please try to keep the dates open. Further details on speakers and venues will be distributed as they become available.

Respectfully Submitted
Ian Hale, Program Coordinator.

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