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Featured Article

Remote Sensing In Grade 9 Geography Class

Runnymede Collegiate Institue

This is the seventh article in a series created to bring OARS members up-to-date on remote sensing and related activities in industry, academia, and government.

The February 4, 2002 edition of the Toronto Star has an article on OARS councillor Allan McAdam’s Grade 9 Geography class at Runnymede Collegiate Institute in Toronto tracking the "NOAA 16" weather satellite and receiving data real-time. The article, entitled "Seeing the World Inside of Class" appeared on page B2 ("Greater Toronto" Section) of the newspaper.

OARS has now obtained permission from the Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd. to post this article on our web site. Below is the entire article, including the photograph and its caption. OARS is grateful to the Toronto Star for allowing us to share this information with our members and visitors to our site.

For more information about the program at Runnymede Collegiate, contact Mr. McAdam at 416 394-3200 or – Ed.

Click here to view the article. The article and photograph are "Reproduced with permission - The Toronto Star Syndicate."


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