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Bird and Hale Ltd.

51 Port Union Rd.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1C 5J2
Phone: 416-540-6028; 416-540-2447

Contact: Ian Hale, M.A.Sc. P.Eng and Linda Hellas, B.Sc. (BIOL), M. Eng.


Bird and Hale Limited was established in 1970 as a multi-disciplinary firm of consulting engineers and biologists. Both the long-term experience of Bird and Hale, and the expertise of our principals and professionals, have proven to be assets in environmental investigations. Bird and Hale is well recognized in the fields of terrain analysis for engineering, and planning, and environmental management. We have completed major projects in large scale mapping of biophysical features such as geology, soils and vegetation communities, and wildlife habitat, using airphoto interpretation/ remote sensing, scientific research, and field investigations. Our services include:

Bird and Hale operates an automated mapping system capable of producing integrated CAD and GIS products. The emphasis is on mapping products that not only contain, but also properly convey the required information.

Bird and Hale uses accurate biophysical terrain data, and a pro-active approach to environmental planning and management, to assist clients in making sound planning decisions. The firm has applied this approach to environmental inventory and planning work related to the establishment of natural greenlands systems, landfill sites, urban and recreational residential and commercial shoreline developments, marinas, pedestrian movement corridors and trails, and public awareness and information programs. We have prepared environmental management plans, undertaken environmental assessments, and have made recommendations for environmental policies and procedures, and implemented monitoring studies.

The environmental work on sensitive land issues, undertaken using existing databases, remote sensing, and field investigations applicable to specific projects, has been presented to and accepted by courts of civil law and expropriation, various tribunals and commissions, and planning boards and municipal councils. The firm has been retained by private industry, government agencies, municipalities, conservation groups and other citizens' groups on environmental matters, in Canada and overseas.

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Last modified: January 12, 2009